4 love of animals

Haywood County, NC

Education, Legislation, Action

Our Mission

4 Love of Animals is a nonprofit organization that is a grass roots effort to promote respect and compassion for all creatures through humane education, legislation, and action.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community.  We promote responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals, and work toward ending animal overpopulation through education and a variety of programs; increased prosecution of animal cruelty ordinances; and to unchain animals.

Our Current Goals

*     Educate the public that continuous chaining/tethering is inhumane and unnecessary.

*     Pass an ordinance banning unattended 24/7 chaining of animals.

*     Reduce the current excessive pet overpopulation through licensing fee for pets and a

      spay/neuter ordinance.

*     Assist Haywood County governmental agencies in creating new, concise, up-to-

       date animal ordinances.

Be Part of the Solution!

Want to join us in improving the lives of our animals in Haywood County?

Just sign up on our Email list to write or contact us at the below email.

Email: chainfreeway@gmail.com

Phone: 321-720-7253

Registered Charity: working on 501(c) status.

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