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Supports A Spay/Neuter Ordinance

The new Haywood County Animal Shelter has been at full capacity almost since the day the doors opened on April 25, 2018.  At the front desk is a long list of citizens waiting for an opening so they can surrender their unwanted pet.

Sarge's Animal Rescue, in coordination with the Haywood County Animal Shelter, has been transporting dogs to New Jersey.  Yes, almost monthly, they load up some 30 dogs and drive 694 miles, moving our homeless dogs to another community.  By the time these drivers return home, our shelter is back to full capacity.

"Statistics show that the intake of stray and unwanted animals in Haywood County is twice the national average, and that we simply do not have the population base to place them all locally.  Nor do we have resources to harbor them over time." (From Sarge's Animal Rescue Site)

Click below for our position paper on spay/neuter ordinance for Haywood County:

Be Part of the Solution!

Want to join us in improving the lives of our animals in Haywood County?

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Email: chainfreeway@gmail.com

Phone: 321-720-7253

Registered Charity: working on 501(c) status.

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